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of the country in the wake of the european debt crisis. sharp will get funds from qualcomm under a capital and business tie up. the struggling electronics giant said it will get up to $120 million from qualcomm by march of next year. the two firms will also jointly develop new panels at a sharp plant in western japan. sharp is forecasting a record net loss of $5.5 billion for the current fiscal year due to a slump in tv and lc d sectors. the company will receive half the funds this month and the rest will be provided only if sharp posts operating prot in the fiscal second half which ends next march. secondly, sharp is also in talks with taiwanese electronics giant 00 high regarding a possible capital tie up with them. negotiations have stalled due to sharp's low stock prices. >>> more business headlines for you next hour. i will leave you with a check on markets. >>> tens of thousands of egyptians have returned to a place that's become almost anonymous with the desire for change in that country. they marched to tahrir square to protest morsi's plan to hold a referendum on a draft constitut
manufacturing data spurred profit taking on exporters, but sharp shares gained on a deal with qualcomm. more on that coming up from tokyo. south korea kospi also lost a quarter of a percent today. heavy weight cost company underperformed as investors fear the possible bid for canadian mine may hurt it balance sheet. sherry has more details on that later. and in australia, investors shrugged off the rba rate cut which was largely priced in. we'll have more on that, as well. banks, miners and defensive stocks broadly lower. sensex trading higher by 0.2%. back to you. >> catch you a little later. that's the latest from singapore. let's get the view with daniel morris, jpmorgan. daniel, good to see you. what's your view at the moment? i want to put the u.s. data into context on the ism manufacturing because it didn't tally with markets of smaller companies, as well, so what does it mean? >> you kind of picked the one that you want or at least tells the story that you want to tell. they kind of balance each other out, one positive, one negative. so if you look at the other trends for the economy,
screens. sharp's expertise will help provide qualcomm with high panels. they are developing the screens for smart phones. media mogul rert murdoch will split into two corporations next year. under the plan announced on monday the reorganized news corporation will manage newspapers and other publications. a new group will focus on entertainment including tv and movies. the decision to split comes after a phone hacking scandal at e of murdoch's newspapers in britain last year. murdoch is expected to maintain firm control over the new companies. he plans to manage fox group as chief executive and serve as chairman for both firms. that's the latest in business for this hour. here is a look again at markets. >>> investigato are trying to understand why highway tunnel near tokyo collapsed. panels gave way trapping people inside. nine people were killed. the accident happened sunday morning along a highway connecting tokyo to other parts of central japan. operators say both holding up concrete panels on the ceiling may have been defective. more than 300 panels fell. the debris covered a distan
caught up in the selling. qualcomm makes the wireless semiconductors for the iphones. qualcomm dropped 4.7%. volume tripled. jabil circuit shed 5.5% on heavier volume. at least 10 percent of jabil's sales come from apple. and cirrus logic makes audio semiconductors for iphones. its stock fell 6.7%. software company adobe fought against the weakness in technology. adobe is known for its photoshop and other design software products. last night it reported stronger than expected earnings leading to a stock rally today. shares rallied 5.7% as volume jumped almost six fold. this is a post-recession high for adobe. meantime, in the materials sector, steel stocks were the flavor of the day thanks to stronger than expected manufacturing data out of china u. steel l the gais, shooting up 6.8%. volume more than doubled with the stock finishing at its highest price since may. and iron ore miner. cliffs natural resources jumped 5.2%. iron ore is used to power steel- making furnaces. many of these steel-focused stocks have been under pressure over questions about chinese demand. the early flu season
as well. >> what was her qualcomm target? remember, my friend, henry had some high-priced targets. they were realized on amazon. that turned out to be one of the great stocks ever. i caution people if you're an analyst, you feel really pressured by the stock. by the stock to be negative. you feel like you've got to find some way to distance myself from apple. their doctor probably had it. but not to be too facetious about it, it's an overowned stock and getting overhanded as it goes down. let's see when the people with big profits are done taking profits. in 2013 you don't want to take a profit necessarily, because you'll have to pay higher taxes. >> speaker boehner offering $1 trillion in revenue enhancements, including higher tax rates on top earners. but spending cuts as well from the white house in return, the one-for-one ratio we talked so much about. the one year lift in the debt limit which could be another talking point. but harwood this morning on squawk, guys, saying there is suddenly signs of optimism, hope that this actually gets done. >> the president giving in at all
some of our own personalities. >> suddenly finding they are representing apple or qualcomm, any of these companies. wait a minute. people get paid to that. >> you hope it's apple or qualcomm. could be something completely different. therein lies the problem. bah humbug or hamburger. mcdonald's asking franchisees to open their restaurant on christmas to beef up their sales. scrooge or a good business move? bob, you go first this time? >> look, it's very tough of the company has a right to ask stores to stay open, franchisees to stay open. they need to increase their numbers. they were good last year. >> open thanksgiving. >> up 2%, helped a little bit. people who want to stay with their family should not be forced to do so. subtle pressure on franchisees to do it, put pressure on franchisees to coin. i'm not sure mcdonald's needs that image. >> i think it's terrible. people who object to it should refuse to enter mcdonald's, not just on christmas day but the entire week around christmas. send them the message we think christmas is important and we're not going to let them force e
a new high. >> joe terranova. >> technology, apple on the table. >> we bought qualcomm for the same reason, positioned yesterday. >> mr. weiss. >> i'm with josh, qualcomm for a long time, goes a lot higher. >> stocks not too far from the highs of the day. tune into fast money at 5:00 p.m. eastern time and our special coverage, mission critical, rise above continues from the nation's capital right now. >> time is running out. >> right now the american people have to be scratching their heads. when is the president going to get serious. >> washington remains. >> that is a bad strategy for america. it is a bad strategy for your businesses and it is not a game i will play. >> but the fiscal cliff still looms. cnbc has called on lawmakers to rise above gridlock and reach a deal. now we're beating down their doors. live from our nation's capital, this is a cnbc special report. mission critical, rise above d.c. >>> welcome back from our nation's capital. i'm mario bartiromo with brian sullivan. we continue our fiscal cliff coverage, "mission critical, rise above d.c." we've heard a lot aft
. the nikkei closed at a seven-month high. shares gained 4% after the qualcomm investment firm. in south korea, samsung hit another all-time high, helping the kospi finish higher by .6 of a percent. this despite a slightly slower gdp growth in q3. back to you. >> sixuan, thanks very much indeed for that. that's feeding into european markets. flat as a pancake. this is where we stand. ftse 100 up half a percent. cac up 7%. break that down into sectors, you will see basic resources, best gainer. that son the back of the chinese data. banks not doing too badly as well, so europe helping out a little bit on that side as well. three sectors. household goods. certainly having the market impact at the moment. plenty of other data to go. on the debt markets, we'll keep our eyes on spanish auctions. probably nothing too much to worry about there. this is the service sector and the autumn statement will get a big focus for guilts today. 1.83% on the yields. on the currency markets, we talked about euro/dollar being high. look at aussie/dollar. euro/dollar here at 131. let's show you where we are with oi
>>> final trade. josh? >> qualcomm. >> guy? >> netflix. >> >>> i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts, they're nuts. they know nothing! i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you a little money. >> i wouldn't cop out here every night to try to educate you if i didn't just think it was not just theoretically possible but actually feasible for the vast majority of people to succeed at managing their own money. so if that's the case, then why is investing so darn difficult? how many people struggle to make money in the stock market in how the heck can i believe it possible for you to beat the average, the big benchmarks when so many fund managers fail to do so? simple. you can do it but you have to do it the right way. one of the biggest obstacles to successful investing is a lack of clarity about just what investing is suppo
, in the apple sound play as well as qualcomm, a semiconductor company, seemed to be willy-nilly regardless of what the analysts say. we own broadcom at, it's become a very tough hold even as it recently guided up, not down. and it's not dependent upon apple like so many of these other plays. it represents a huge chunk of the s&p 500. you've got to put it to work elsewhere in this sector. that's no mean feat. first you've got to deal with the fact that apple so called disappointing numbers. it would be nirvana just about every other player at least in the computer player. intel is no different. we heard from dell last week. despite goldman's brilliant call. hewlett-packard is a disaster. western digital, two obvious suppliers, dirt cheap. but they ought to go private. seagate with a 5.5% yield. the obvious decline sent investors looking elsewhere in tech. unfortunately, it's a very small universe. there's and most recently adobe. you also have two prospective earnings reports as proxies for tech. oracle tomorrow night and accenture. i expect oracle to be
is $700 price target. we have a $720 price target, bill. so we've put apple, qualcomm, microsoft, oracle, and your big club stocks. all of those have done well this year. the big winners of this month, the banks have come on super strong. china ma and japan. and i think you can start to nibble a little on china and japan, as well. >> michael, is there an argument to be made that you don't want to touch stocks right now until you have some clarity on this fiscal cliff? just in case we see a big sell-off? >> there is, but i'll argue, too, that you're talking about $600 billion being sucked out of the economy next year. the s&p made $20 trillion. while we are looking at the fiscal cliff countdown, there is another countdown to new all-year highs when the dow is close to the prior peak around 600% from here. investors should be looking overseas. you want to look where there is no fiscal cliff equivalent, primarily in emerging markets. but nonpartisan analysts have pointed out that if we go over the cliff and take that $600 billion with it, we go back to recession. how do you justify going in
qualcomm which has sold off. i still think technology is going to be a huge tail wind industry. i think that's going to result in higher stock prices. >> michael is going to be with us for the whole hour. it's been a great week with you. let's check in with ty. >> a colorful analogy on "squawk box" this morning for the fed's new easing in interest rate strategy. the dow's fed richard fisher comparing it to the eagle's "hotel california" saying you can check out any time you want but you can never leave. jeffrey lacker also making comments today. our senior economics reporter steve leaseman joins us with more. what exactly did the fed president mean, mr. fisher, when he said that, steve? >> once you start going with qe, that you cannot stop because of the effect on the market. and fisher was just one of two hawks that took to the airways to voice his opposition with the change in fed policy which, as you remember, boosted quantitative easing by a trillion dollars this year. fisher and president jeffrey lacker are among call them two serial dissenters. lacker has dissented at every meetin
. and a company like qualcomm. capitalize on what is happening with tablets and smart phones. >> what is your assumption about where capital gains tax rates will end up in 2013 and dividend tax rates and what are you doing between now and year end to take advantage of that presumed gap? >> our assumption is capital gains rates will go up. they probably will go up 5%. >> to 20%? >> correct. here is what happened is the market sold off dividend stocks on the assumption that will happen. so you sell off dividend stocks then you buy what? ten-year treasuries at 1.5%. buy money market at .01 percent? >> right. it doesn't make sense. >> what you have to do is position your strategy, not just for what is happening on the short term from the cliff standpoint but you look from a global basis what is happening. china is starting it recover. >> are you going to back the 15% rate or not? >> depends on the client. really depends on situation. for people with large capital gains, i think they should take the capital gains rates now. >> is that what is going on in apple? >> that probably is what is going on
on suppliers and that is what we're seeing today. qualcomm, cirrus, triquint and if you look at how the stocks have performed as apple declined getting back toward $500 today they've also been under some pressure. cirrus in particular has been off about 16% over the last month falling right along with apple. carl? >> continues to lose ground here this morning, bertha. 508 is not far away from 505 the november lows. thanks. rising milk prices are contributing to what some are calling a milk crisis for the dairy industry. could that lead to a chocolate cri crisis this holiday season? please tell me you did not bring any samples. >> you'll have to wait. >> holidays are tough enough as it is. how is business? how is the holiday shaping up? >> you know the holiday is shaping up for us very well. robust, customers seem to be able to pay for the products and we have, you know, a long wait for the chocolate bar on union square and our kiosk at bryant park is doing very, very well. we're very happy with the holidays so far. >> anybody who lives in manhattan knows where you are and how long the lines ca
like cisco? >> we don't own it. we own qualcomm, we own sprint, googl google. >> you don't own apple? >> we did own apple. we did very well in it. we had a position through options but much smaller than it was. there are questions, issues. i'm not keen on their financial management, in terms of sitting on all that cash, earning zero. i think we should be more creative and innovative. a great company and great product. i have an iphone 5 and very pleased with it. i have an ipad. i'm not a big technology -- >> it got the cisco market cap, only 15 times earnings. got back wasn't 100 times earnings. >> that's a deficit business. a google model is more enduring, apple making hardware sales. >> what made you get out? >> we respect the market and understand the issue. >> you didn't get out of the top? >> we didn't get out of the top. >> where it is right now? >> we actually just yesterday re-established a position. >> you did. you got out above this. >> i doesn't own it but thought at 250. >> if we ever get out at the top or in at the bottom, it's sheer luck. >> if you're somewhere 22700 an
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)